Welcome to Hair by Sarah Mascara

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I want to give you a little insight on what you can expect from your first appointment with me.

I rent a small space inside of Sola Salons in Roseville Minnesota. You'll see it next to Clothes Mentor and Men's Warehouse. If the doors are ever locked when you come, just locate me on the keypad. Sarah Mascara number 19. When you enter you'll notice there is not a reception area. You can either go left or right. Go left (although it's one big circle, so it doesn't really matter) and head down the hall and you'll see my studio directly across from the restrooms on the right hand side.

If I'm with a client just have a seat on the bench outside of my door and I'll be with you shortly!

We will start our appointment with a detailed consultation. Its always a good idea to have several photos of haircolors and styles you like as well as a few that you aren't so crazy about.

You can generally expect a color service from start to finish to take around 3-4 hours. I always recommend to bring a snack and a phone charger! There is WIFI available in my salon and sometimes my clients take this time to catch up on work. I also have Netflix so feel free to get your binge on!

I take cash and credit cards, however at this time I am unable to take American Express.

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