What is Balayage?

Balayage has become a buzzword in the last few years. Originally it was a technique meaning "Sweep" in french. The technique of balayage involves hand painting lightener in a sweeping motion on the hair to mimic natural sunkissed highlights. Similar to the way a child's hair looks in the summertime. It is a beautiful result and requires little to no upkeep. Each application of balayage increases the dimension and builds a beautiful brightness over time.

With a balayage service I strategically paint lightener on different sections of hair. Each section will be separated with either cotton, plastic wrap, mesh sheets, or sometimes foils. The processing time with balayage tends to be a bit longer than traditional highlights; typically 30-60 minutes.

The term has changed overtime and now a lot of us think of balayage as a particular look. Soft natural highlights that gradually start at the top of the head and get brighter at the ends.

Sometimes in order to achieve a balayage looking result I need to use different techniques. Here are some examples of when true balayage may not work for you:

*If your hair has been previously colored dark

*If you want to go more than just a few shades lighter

*If you want really ashy results

*If you have a lot of gray that you want covered

Some techniques I may use might include foiling, babylights, backcombing or teasy lights, airtouch, and root shadowing.

If your hair is already very bright but you want to transition to a more natural grow out using balayage there are options for that as well!

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