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Introduction to me

Hello! I didn't want to just jump into videos without introducing myself. I'm Sarah and I'm a professional hairstylist. I currently work in Roseville MN and I'd like to share some of my beauty knowledge with you! Thank you for watching!!

Quick and easy holiday hair updo

Here is a very easy way to style your hair that is perfect for any special occasion!

How to create messy beach waves
for fine hair

Hi! My clients always ask me how to curl their hair at home so i thought I would share with you how I do mine! Thanks for watching let me know what you think!

How I clip in my hair extensions

Here is how I clip in my hair extensions. Usually I curl my hair after they are clipped in and that helps them blend better. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe :) These extensions are from Dirty Looks formerally Head Kandy extensions

Big Fancy Hair Bun tutorial

This is a super easy way to style your hair if you want to look a little fancy. Also known as the "Sarah bun". Please excuse the lipstick on my teeth, it has been known to happen from time to time... 

How to properly blow dry your hair

When I'm behind the chair, I find that a lot of my clients don't know how to properly blow dry their hair. I wanted to post a video giving you some tips and tricks to blow dry your hair at home. It's a little long but I have so much information to give!

Airtouch Highlights

Airtouch is the latest technique out the gives the most seamless, blended, highlight result.

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