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Hair toppers are a great option for women who struggle with fine or thinning hair. Clipped on to the top of your head, a hair topper provides instant volume and density.


What is a hair topper?

Hair toppers are an excellent choice for adding density to fine or thinning hair. Think of a hair topper as a clip-in extension worn on the top of your head, blended into your own, "bio hair". If you aren't ready for a full on wig, this is a great way to conceal thinning at the scalp, add volume, blend breakage or baby hairs, or even hide relentless gray hairs! 

custom colored hair topper

I customize each piece to blend with your existing hair


 A hair topper needs to be customized in order to achieve the most natural result. Each piece is custom colored and cut in salon so you can feel confident with your new hair.

In person consults are $50 which will go towards the purchase of your topper. 


At time of pickup, I will teach you how to put it on, and care for it. I will also cut it on your head to ensure it blends with your existing cut. 

Prices range from $1045-$1350 depending on length and amount of customization needed. 

Hairstylist wearing a hair topper


Thank you! We’ll be in touch within 2 business days!

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