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The Ultimate Guide to Halo Hair Extensions

hairstylist holding customized halo hair extensions
We pride ourselves on customizing our halo extensions for the most natural result.

What are halo extensions?

Halo extensions are a temporary method of adding length and density to your natural hair. Wefts of hair are sewn on an indetectable wire to form a sort of crown. The halo sits on your head sandwiched between your hair to give instant length and thickness to your ends.

Who can wear halo extensions?

Halo extensions can work for most people. Your top layer of hair must be long enough to cover the weft, and you'll need thick enough hair to cover the weft. It's also recommended to have some slight texturizing throughout your own hair to help it blend, especially if you are wanting to add a lot of length.

The clients that get the most out of a halo are those that are mainly looking to add density and fullness through their ends. While you can certainly add lots of length with extensions, a halo is easiest when adding about three inches or less, depending on your hair type. Those with thinner, finer ends will be able to add length easily, while those with thicker blunt cuts may need to do extra styling to help a halo to blend.

Do halo extensions stay on?

Although it's hard to believe that halo extensions stay on without the use of clips or glue - they do! I wouldn't recommend doing a cartwheel while wearing them, but I have never heard of someone's slipping off during the normal course of a day.

Do halo extensions look real?

The secret to a seamless blend with halo extensions is a perfect color match, and customized cut. Every single piece that leaves my salon is fully customized to you, whether we match you in person or through photos and videos.

How much do halo extensions cost?

The price of halo extensions are going to vary based on length, thickness, and amount of custom coloring needed. Expect to spend between $450 and $800.


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