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Hair Toppers 101

A dimensional blonde human hair topper and a rooted brunette human hair topper
We completely customize the color of each hair topper

What are hair toppers?

Hair toppers are strands of hair hand-sewn onto a lightweight and breathable mesh. They are worn clipped onto the top of your head and integrate with your natural hairline.

Who can wear hair toppers?

Anyone can wear toppers as long as you have enough hair for the clips to clip in to. During your in-person or virtual consultation I can help determine if a topper is right for you.

Toppers add thickness and volume to the top of your head and around your face so they are ideal for women with thinning hair, or fine limp hair. They are a surprisingly great option for bridal updos as they instantly add significant volume to flat hair.

Hair toppers are a great option to wear in between coloring sessions as well, because they can conceal your root area in seconds!

I would caution against a topper if you are currently in active shed, meaning you are losing a significant amount of hair each day.

Are hair toppers comfortable?

Most people find wearing toppers extremely comfortable. The pressure sensitive clips are very gentle and the piece itself is extremely lightweight - I often forget I'm even wearing one!

How much do hair toppers cost?

There is a range of price depending on size and length ordered, but you can expect to spend around $1000-$1300 for a quality human hair topper.


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